Mark Goldstein, Ph.D. Life often presents challenges and problems—within ourselves, our families and relationships and at school and work. Often these issues can be resolved by ourselves with our own efforts or with the help of family and friends. However when these efforts are not successful, professional expertise and treatment can be invaluable.

I'm Mark Goldstein, licensed clinical psychologist. I have been a psychologist and psychotherapist for over 25 years. I treat a wide variety of problems and conditions ranging from stress and normal life issues to more troubling and debilitating psychiatric disorders and conditions.It is a privilege to help people resolve their challenges and problems and live more meaningful and satisfying lives.

I believe in active therapist interaction and participation in therapy—identifying goals and working collaboratively in formulating different insights and perspectives and employing new approaches and behaviors. I draw upon varied modalities and treatment approaches to offer clients new ways of seeing themselves and their issues. I offer both short-term, pragmatic, solution-focused therapy and longer-term treatment addressing complex historical material and ingrained, self-defeating patterns. I have specialized training in both individual therapy and couples counseling.

As a psychotherapist, my life experiences have enriched my extensive education and training. I have married and raised children. I have lived through family illnesses and death. I have celebrated success and coped with failure. I have traveled widely and experienced the world and its people. My life has been full and varied and continues to expand with the joys and challenges that life presents.

In selecting a psychotherapist, nothing compares with the information obtained and the personal experience of an initial consultation. It would be a pleasure to discuss your issues and concerns on the telephone or in person.